Coming out of lockdown

The last year has been very difficult for all of us for many different reasons. Some may have been able to cope better than others and in fact, in a strange way, perhaps some may have enjoyed this period as it has allowed them to evaluate what is most important to them and what they value the most.

During the lockdown period, there was more certainty or predictable, as the rules were much clearer than they are as we begin to come out of the lockdown stage. We are now moving into a new phase which brings with it more uncertainty and less predictability which may cause some of us to become more anxious or stressed with the unknown or vagueness of what the immediate future might bring.

You may be suffering from a whole host of emotions from feeling low, hopeless or tired, angry or frustrated, reluctance or unmotivated, stressed or unprepared, uneasy about relationships, under pressure, unsupported or lonely and isolated.

Whether you have coped well or are struggling with a mixture of emotions rest assured it’s very normal and natural as your feelings will change. You may feel one way one day and another the next and it might not feel logical, but this is normal.

We are now starting to do things that we may not have done for over a year and there is no normal response to these changes in lockdown. We are all different and respond differently to what is thrown at us day to day and your feelings will be affected by lots of things that are out of your control.

Make sure you:

  • Get support from people or organisations who can help
  • Talk to someone you can trust
  • Give yourself time
  • Express your feelings creatively
  • Make choices to control things you can
  • Try self-care
  • Seek help

Much of the same but some tips from the NHS to cope with anxiety about coming out of lockdown:

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