Client Story – Lockdown Positives 3 / 4 ….

Story 3
I started doing one Pilates class per week in Nov 2019, on the advice of my GP, in order to build up my strength and balance. I’d badly torn my hamstring the previous year, and then suffered an attack of sciatica in the summer.
When lockdown 2020 happened and Ali started her online classes, I signed up for the Pilates sessions… exercising 3 times a week, fitting in the sessions around work. Then came the Friday masterclasses, the Thursday stretch & unwind, the Lift Lean Light (now Low Impact Interval Training), and the occasional madcap charity events! No two sessions are the same – Ali works hard to make all her classes enjoyable and inventive and I now workout with her online for 6 days a week!
As well as the exercise, Ali’s health and wellbeing advice has been an eye opener – in July 2020 I joined her for a detox week in an attempt to Beat the Lockdown Bloat…. within a very short time I lost weight, and inches, and felt fitter than I have for most of my adult life. With Ali’s encouragement and coaching I have now lost over one stone, dropped two dress sizes, have cut out caffeine, sugar and gluten from my diet (and don’t really miss it at all). I now have a much better attitude to food and feel more positive, fitter and healthier.
Ali has certainly kept me on track over the past year and in some ways, has turned my life around. I’m looking forward to grabbing post-lockdown life with enthusiasm and energy!
Story 4
My positive from lockdown is very personal to me. My beautiful dog Maggie was diagnosed last year with nerve damage to her back legs, which will eventually result in paralysis. Lockdown has given me time with her albeit as her carer 24/7 which would not have been possible without the possibility of wfh! I know our days together will come to an end soon, when wfh is no longer a permanent option. I smile every day when her tail wags 15 years of love is a lot to give up! 😘