“So just putting this out there. The last three days I have super struggled, demotivated feeling shit, fat and bloated, and generally lacking lustre.

I reached out to Ali who coached me through it and I am so, so happy I kept with the program. Today I have woken up back on track / completed my workout and feel so much better and incredibly proud of myself for not giving up.

I also put on my fat trousers that actually for the first time felt loose in areas. So for all of you who may be struggling with yourself ‘reach out’ to the group to gorgeous Alis FreestyleFitness

We can do this !”


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

4 Week Membership


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

“One of my targets this week is to not use any IT device after 9pm so that I can wind down for bed and last night I slept SO well!

My other target is to make space for 10-15 mins quiet meditation time each day…. maybe today is the day.
I also had the mad idea to try the couch to 5k programme again (damaged my knee last time) – not actually leaving the house, but running round inside my house (inspired by Ali’s Sunday morning sessions).

I started yesterday and was amazed how easy I found it – my fitness levels are definitely greater than they were 2 years ago – thanks mainly to Ali for her ever inventive and enjoyable (mostly) ways of encouraging me to exercise daily.
Thank you Ali”

“Happy new year to you Ali. Breathe in the the ‘fresh’ air of a new start and fingers crossed.

I think you have made a Pilates success this year Ali and it’s been lovely to see and be part of.

I have definitely benefited from your entrepreneurship and from your friendship.
Congratulations and looking forward to more with you in 2022 – happy days”!


Online Pilates


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

“I will be flying solo on this program from the end of this week. I’ve lost 10lb, a good few inches from my derriere, I don’t snack, I drink lots of water, drink hardly any caffeine and alcohol and I’m feeling really confident, healthy and balanced.

I‘ve really enjoyed seeing all the food posts and comments in this lovely supportive environment. Thank you for sharing.

Alis FreestyleFitness, you are amazing. I had already been feeling fitter by doing your classes but this 12 weeks has made my mind stronger too.

Thanks so much for your energy in this group. Yesterday I tried on a dress I’ve had for 18 years. I kept it because it is my ideal size and a classic. It felt better on me than when I first wore it. I haven’t felt as happy, confident and content in a very long time.
Thanks so much everyone”.

“This lady Alison Allaston Alis FreestyleFitness has kept me going through the last years lockdown with daily online exercise classes.

You can’t help but be motivated by her she is so full of energy and positivity even if I don’t feel like leaping out of bed early morning to do a class I follow her advice and 54321 then leap out of bed 😀.

If anyone is thinking of starting online fitness classes give her page a read there’s a variety of classes high and low impact to relaxing stretch classes and yoga”.


Lift Lean Membership


Men On Mats

“Being very tall with back and shoulder problems I would regularly see a chiropractor to keep myself mobile. He was always telling me that I should go to a Pilates class to strengthen my core.

Eventually I gave in and thought I’d go to a class just to say I’ve given it a try, but it’s not for me. I really enjoyed the class and not what I was expecting at all, really good fun with a relaxed atmosphere.

That was six years ago, I’ve been going every week and haven’t had to see the chiropractor since, thanks Ali

“Hi Ali, I can’t tell you how much better I feel. My headaches are definitely linked to neck and shoulder tension. I have done the Pilates and Stretch & Unwind every week and stuck religiously to the eating plan too and feel great. Thank you!!!

I would normally rush in and do everything at once but I gave myself Jan to try and stretch out tight muscles and am going to start Lift Lean for Feb. I love your chats and as a fairly self-motivated person and main motivator in our family it’s so, so lovely to have you to look to for my motivation.

Don’t underestimate how much difference you make, it’s weird that I only know you from being ‘online’ but the vibe you give is totally awesome and I’m so very grateful for that!! Thanks Ali xx day!”


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4 Week Membership


Men On Mats

“Hi Ali, having been persuaded to try Pilates nearly four years ago, I now think of Tuesday nights as MOM night. Not always comfortable, but always fun, I very much enjoy the classes. 

 I like the enthusiasm of my fellow MOMers and your teaching which manages to be professional, relaxed and always delivered with a smile – and as a bonus, nobody need wear Lycra or a sweaty headband!”

“Ali’s Fitness Pilates is such a delight. I love it. I enjoy all the sessions and feel great after doing them. All are different and their variety keeps me interested and ‘on my toes’. The exercises work all parts of my body – and Ali offers different levels – some challenging, some not so – which is great as I feel different every day!

Their half hour length and flexibility is perfect as they can be done any time of day (or night!). Joining in cheers my mood and keeps me active.

I say thank you to Ali – fabulous”


Fitness Pilates


4 Week Fitness Pilates 

Lift Lean Membership

“Three weeks in and just wanted to drop you a message to say Thank you so much. I think, like everyone, I am finding lockdown 3.0 incredibly tough and your classes have given me a real lift. I am absolutely not, a morning person but have had an alarm set Mon-Thurs (miraculously haven’t missed a class) and have felt so much better for it.

The balance of doing all 5 classes is perfect for me – the Lift Lean are my absolute favourites but love the stretch out in yoga and the Pilates too. I thought I’d sign up for both programmes to see which I preferred/needed but I’m hooked so will be carrying on with both next month.

I personally hate teaching ballet online so I think you’re amazing, you are always so positive and cheery and so just wanted to say thanks. Have even bought some slightly heavier weights for more of a challenge on Mondays and Wednesdays xx”

“Alis Men on Mats classes are really enjoyable and the instructions clearly explained.

At the end, although I feel several inches taller!! I’m convinced I’ve had a good “ workout” I would certainly recommend Ali.

She explains the moves in such a way to ensure us blokes don’t injure ourselves. Her classes are fun and a good way to improve my core strength and flexibility. She is always cheerful (I think she enjoys inflicting pain!) but certainly puts us through our paces!”


Men on Mats


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

“After sitting on the sidelines for a while and thinking maybe, I took the leap and joined the Kick Start 12 Week Programme alongside Pilates and Yoga. I’m so glad I did.

Already feeling the benefits.

Ali is positive, genuine and an amazing instructor. She makes the online classes real and achievable for all abilities. Love it!”

“If you need motivating in the morning, want to exercise but are easily bored and not sure what’s right for you then Ali is for you.

It’s a great to start the day with Ali’s sunny outlook, classes kept fresh and interesting with moves clearly explained with varying difficulty levels and work arounds for existing health issues.

You deserve to do well you’ve kept so many going this year”


Fitness Pilates


Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

“So was giving it a bit of thought about what I’ve taken from your 12 week kick start and then lift lean classes. Apart from your continuous enthusiasm, never judging when we fall off the wagon, encouragement to forget yesterday get back on it, has ensured that I arrive in 2021 with the tools to make the right choice and looking in the mirror a much more defined shape.

Friends have noticed, much more energy, tighter arms, lifted backside and a hell of a lot less bloated stomach. Not bad for a 54 year old and working out around 1/2 hour 4-6 times a week.

I have never stuck to anything really but this is now routine, makes me more positive and able to deal with challenges because I feel better, happy with my body and I have a clearer mind.

Thanks for your help bring on 2021 it’s going to be a good one x”

“I have been attending the Men On Mats Pilates class for in excess of 8 years and it’s enabled me to build up great core strength as well as good general flexibility of my entire body.

Ali knows how to motivate you into wanting to try that bit harder whilst making it good humoured and achievable.

I really look forward to my weekly class and I’m so grateful that Ali has continued on zoom whilst we’ve been in lockdown, thanks Ali”


Men On Mats