Client Story – Lockdown Positives 5 / 6 ….

Story 5

What a year it has been! My biggest achievement over the last year is really tapping into my health drivers. And by that I mean; I have learnt (sometimes the hard way) about mental health/illness and what makes me tick.

It is still an ongoing journey but one I have really enjoyed. I have reset my gut health, listened to my body and understand far more about what foods, exercise and self care really brings out the best in me.

I thank god for Ali’s online classes! When I began on this journey, so many times I didn’t feel like getting up and jumping around, but I joined Ali’s Lift Lean class and got the endorphins going. You can’t help but be uplifted with her smiley face on the other side of the video.

It is also incredibly motivating having someone doing the class with you, giving you different options to do it things are too hard or too easy and also, seeing someone else feeling “ouch this hurts!” I’ve done the Lift Lean since the beginning and I salute you Ali, you’ve kept so many of us sane; thank you so much!

Story 6

This year has made me realise how blessed and lucky I am. I was still able to see my Grandchildren with facetime, spending time with my Mum which I was never able to do because I was always to busy and realising what amazing friends I have.

We always make excuses and are always too busy but this year has shown me no matter what, that time is more precious than anything x