Join The Menofit™ January – Commit To Get Fit Kick Start 2023


28 day programme 6th January to 3rd February
  • Are you Peri/Menopausal or Post Menopausal?
  • Are you struggling with weight gain, low energy, feeling unfit?
  • Is your nutrition haphazard and you need a reset?


Join the  MenoFit™️ programme for Midlife Women all online delivered in a private Facebook group.

Preparation starts 6th January  

  • Goal Setting
  • Getting mindset right
  • Planning your food and nutrition, easing back into exercises
  • Understanding hormones
  • Understanding the Menopause and the changes that are happening
  • How to make nutritional changes for navigating menopause
Official Start Sunday 8th January 2023
  • Daily MenoFit™️ in 15 workouts including WalkFit™️, LIFT LEAN™️, Fitness Pilates & MORE 
  • Daily motivational talks in a private Facebook group
  • Food List, Daily Recipe ideas and Meal Plans
  • Stress management techniques


We’ll be talking all things Menopause!
  • MenoFit™ Weight loss – Safe and effective weight loss strategies
  • MenoFit™ Nutrition – What to eat during menopause.
  • MenoFit™ Motivation – How to stay on track
  • MenoFit™ Midsection Meltdown – How to combat belly fat
  • MenoFit™ Symptoms and Solutions- Are you symptoms getting you down
  • MenoFit™ Healthy Tips & Habit Change – How to make new habits stick


The cost to you for the 28 day programme £56.00

EARLY BIRD PRICE £45.00 until 31st December 2022

If this is a bit of you or you’d like some more information please feel free to contact me