October is Menopause Awareness Month

Are you a women in your 40’s/50’s/60’s struggling with menopausal symptoms (have a look at the lists below)?

I am really excited to be launching a NEW 14 DAY MenoFit™️programme starting MONDAY 16TH OCTOBER.

MenoFit™️ is an Exercise & Nutrition programme for mid-life females typically 40+ in Peri Menopause, Menopause and beyond.

    • Are you struggling with menopausal symptoms?Perhaps you’re not sure, but would like to understand it better to recognise some of the common (and not so common) affects it can have on our physical & mental well-being.
    • Do you need to pop your health to the top of your pile for a while?
    • Do you to want to eat and feel well? 

Come and join this jam packed 14 day programme comprising of:

  • Daily 15 – 20min Menopause Friendly WALKFIT Workouts – All Workouts that are ideal for beginners and those struggling with menopausal symptoms like midsection weight gain, achy joints, lack of energy etc.


    • Daily Menopause Tips and Motivation 

    • Back to Basics Nutrition and Recipe Ideas  

    • Daily coaching recorded to watch in your own time

Coming together a group of likeminded women who want to achieve the same goals.

The cost for the 14 days is only £28.00!

If this is something you are interested click the link below to find out more and share with friends who are also struggling with menopause.